Young mother ‘abandons children for boyfriend’

A YOUNG mother from Bushbuckridge has allegedly abandoned her four children in favour of a boyfriend.

According to neighbours, the 33-year-old woman left home to stay with her boyfriend, leaving the children aged 14, 12, 8 and 6 behind.

Since she left, the children had been asking people for food and a place to sleep.

According to the neighbour who wanted to remain anonymous, the children came to their house asking for food and a place to sleep.

“The kids are still very young and they don’t have a place to stay. The eldest one tried to get help from social workers but could not explain the situation properly,” the neighbour told NewsHorn.

“They did not get any help and meanwhile the situation is getting worse every day. The fact that they do not have anyone to take care of them at their age is worrying us,” the neighbour said.

The grandmother could also not assist as she was recovering from a stroke and her house is very small.

The mother’s boyfriend allegedly refused to allow her kids to live with them as they “were not his children”.

NewsHorn spoke to the mother, who insulted the journalist and threatened to sue the newspaper if the story was published.

“I can take care of my children. I did not abandon them but sent them to their fathers who also kicked them out, so leave me alone so that I can also enjoy my life, she said.

“I did not make those kids alone and I cannot expect my current man to accept them in his house.

“If you go ahead and publish this in the paper, I will sue you because my kids are not your problem,” the irate mother said before she slammed down the phone.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Department of Social Developmen (DSD), Comfort Ngobe, said the department would send a social worker to assess the situation and it would take a decision after the outcome of the report.

Ngobe made it clear that the DSD strongly condemned the abandonment of children, especially when both parents were still alive.

He gave NewsHorn the assurance that the children would be placed in a safe place.

“If necessary we will involve the police,” Ngobe said.

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