Young fashion designer is all Charged Up

A YOUNG fashion designer and founder of a clothing outlet named Charged Up, Ntsako Mhlaule, will be opening her first shop at the deep rural area of Bushbuckridge in Agincourt.

Mhlaule said she decided to open the shop in the village where she lived, to inspire young people from the rural areas that they could be successful without going to the big cities.
“Young people must take advantage of available opportunities in the rural areas to start businesses, make a living and create jobs,” she said.
“The aim is to inspire people from rural areas, especially in Bushbuckridge, that it is okay to go for your biggest dreams even when you are from the village. A lot of people have ideas but they become useless ideas when we do not act and implement them, not tomorrow or next week, implement them now,” said Mhlaule.
She further said that her main objective was to develop the community and stimulate the economy. She believes that growing the economy from the community level will minimise the number of people relocating to the city.
“I have already created five jobs and planning to create more when my business nourishes, however, that will depend on the support that I will get from the people of my community because, when buying from my shop, they will be feeding lot of people,” she added.
The shop will be opening on October 5. Its services will include different clothing ranges, photography, decoration material hiring, t-shirt printing and other services that the community members need.
“Even those who reside outside Bushbuckridge are invited to attend the opening event for more information,” she said.

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