Young farmer reaps the fruits of her love, dedication and hard work

BUSHBUCKRIDGE – After spending years planting the seeds of love, dedication and hard work in growing her knowledge within the farming industry, Tsakani Mabunda is harvesting the fruits through accolades.
The 33-year-old farmer has won several farming awards including the KLCBT/Buscor Township/rural Enterprise Award, while playing a significant role in the economic subsistence of her family.
Speaking to NewsHorn, Mabunda said her journey as farmer started as a result of following her late father’s footsteps. It was one of the reasons she founded and named her farm Mpfuxeleto wa murimisi (meaning footstep of a farmer).
Mabunda, who hails from Thulamahashe, said she was first taught about farming and business when she was six years old and she started to sell products and count money on her father’s farm.
“I would work during weekends since my father’s workers were not working during weekends. In 2002, when I was only 15 years old, my father passed away,” she said.
“I really fell in love with farming in 2013 while I was pregnant. I would plant seedlings and give them away just for fun,” she quipped.
Mabunda said that between 2017 and 2018 she decided to take over the farm and put all efforts into making it a successful business.
“I decided to invite five youth to join or work with me since they were unemployed. It was not easy since we had no resources and no experience and as a result, Sibongile Miya from NYDA assisted us and we were funded with material worth R50 000.
“We used a bucket system and never gave up. And because of my hard work and dedication, I was elected as a deputy chairperson of the Mpumalanga Young in Agriculture and Rural Development in the Bohlabela district,” she said.
Mabunda added that: “I’m also elected as the deputy chairperson of the United Farmers Tertiary Co-operative, which is formed to assist farmers in Bohlabela North. We plant vegetables that are in season and we also help other farmers or young farmers to register their company and compliance.
“We produce fresh vegetables and avocados and distribute them through a variety of channels. We assist people from disadvantage backgrounds with seedlings and trees and also help them to create backyard gardens and create job opportunities,” the vibrant young farmer said.

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