Young businessman’s desire for success exceeds his fear for failure

“IN ORDER to succeed in life, your desire for success must be far greater than your fear of failure.”
This is according to 25-year-old Innocent Msibi, who is the owner of Justwin Cleaning Services, in an interview with NewsHorn.
“This kind of business needs an innovative person that has conceptual and innovative skills. This is because you have to know how to deal with complaints from different type of clients in a level headed manner and avoid conflict,” he said.
He added that the Pienaar-based business employs eight people of which four are mobile as they are always on standby.
Msibi said that he recently started his business after realising that most people were not practising good hygiene and not complaint with COVID-19 regulations and that as a result was the biggest cause of the coronavirus spreading.
“This is after I got stuck in New Zealand for a couple of months as I was studying abroad. So, while waiting for a repatriation flight to South Africa we were educated a lot about this virus. And as a result, upon returning home I decided that I need to play my part by using proper Personal Protective Equipment and also teach my staff about precautionary measures, of which I also extended to my clients.
“My family has been super supportive especially my aunt, Bongiwe Msibi, who always brings in new ideas and the support I get from Samuel Lunga,” Msibi concluded.

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