Wisdom in a crazy world

In Daily Insider, the inimitable Alec Hogg shares this wonderful piece on bad things happening to good people.

One of the theories on the meaning of life I relate to (says Hogg), is that expressed by the late Scott Peck, author of bestselling The Road Less Traveled. He suggests our time on earth is like a schoolroom within a box in space and time. And that one day we will return from whence we came, richer for the experience.

Dr Peck’s theory is that once we absorb the fact that life is difficult, the paradox is it actually becomes easier. Because we start seeing this series of escalating challenges as learning experiences. Our growth, he theorises, only ends when we stop accepting them because the process has become too painful.

Rabbi Kuschner in his brilliant book “When bad things happen to good people” – shares the same opinion. – (Alex Rose-Innes.)