Watch out for the BIGGER and better NewsHorn on 15 Jan – products never before offered

Newshorn-15-Jan-2020 Edition 194

Hold tight – NewsHorn is blasting Off!

New products never before offered by any paper


WITH 2020 arriving in grand style, NewsHorn brings our advertisers and readers a brand new look starting off with our first issue for the year. Our promise to you – the greatest independent newspaper in Mpumalanga.

Having for four years published the NewsHorn in three districts of Mbombela, Nkomazi and Bohlabela (in separate editions), it is time to make a BIG change. Market research had proved that print (supported by online) is bigger and better this year and you are now going to have one paper featuring articles from across the province, also incorporating the Highveld.

We now offer our advertisers a much wider scope across Mpumalanga and our goal is to serve both our advertisers and readers more effectively.

After much planning and taking fast-growing social platforms into consideration, we are applying changes in order to improve and gain a bigger share of the market for the benefit of our advertisers and readers alike. We bring you products which had never before been offered by any paper in the country.

While adding towns and cities such as eMalahleni (Witbank), Middelburg, Ermelo and Secunda to our distribution list, we have increased our print run to 25 000 copies per edition, distributing via bulk drop bi-monthly.

The rapid increase in our readership and advertising over the past year had bolstered confidence in your free newspaper of choice and we would like you to share in our successes.

We believe that Mpumalanga deserves to be served with a provincial newspaper, including all four district municipalities, instead of just three.


We will remain brand builders; playing a significantly bigger role in the media mix of companies which trust us to promote their goods and services to audiences across diverse demographics. With national advertisers on board, we can pass on real benefits to our trusted supporters.

As newspaper content continues to set new parameters, we would continue to provide an influential voice for issues which matter to our readers and advertisers in Mpumalanga.

Our strength lies in ethical and believable, trusted journalism, delivering quality content across news, current affairs, sport and lifestyle categories, while we had established a unique brand to serve to advertisers’ needs.

We had developed mutually trustworthy relationships with local communities and the new offerings would serve to build bridges among the beautiful peoples of our province where the sun rises.

We had learnt from the most trusted resources nationally and overseas to create a deeper impact in our local markets, reaching an engaged audience of more than 300 000 readers every month, in bi-weekly publications. As we continue to grow, plans are already afoot to engage the market as a weekly newspaper in the near future.

The NewsHorn website reflects our new look, sporting information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people and business. And with our IT staff passing international courses on Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation, it could only benefit YOU, THE ADVERTISER.

To further supplement our comprehensive advertising spread, we would continue to include targeted sections and special publications offering an opportunity to grow every business in Mpumalanga.

Your news and opinions are of great importance to us! We listened to your suggestion and wish to welcome you on board of the most exhilarating

and vibrant newspaper in Mpumalanga. You asked for a bigger and better paper with more distribution outlets and we heard you.

Wishing you the best for 2020 – with NewsHorn.





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