Two Mpumalanga police arrested for possession of dagga

Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provincial Commissioners, Lieutenant Generals Elias Mawela and Mondli Zuma, have both welcomed the arrest of two Mpumalanga officers on Friday evening 24 July 2020 by their Gauteng counterparts in Springs.

Dagga that was found in the police car

Members from Devon in Ekurhuleni District, stopped a private vehicle at a static roadblock on the R-29. The team’s suspicion and subsequent search of the vehicle, led to the occupants confessing that the dagga they had in their vehicle, had been taken by SAPS members in a marked Mpumalanga (Secunda) SAPS Flying Squad vehicle. These flying squad members had allegedly also demanded and taken a sum of money.

On realising that the said state vehicle had passed through the roadblock, the members immediately pursued the vehicle and cornered their Mpumalanga counterparts at a road intersection in Springs. The members were found in possession of dagga and cash, and arrested on the spot.

The two suspects are now facing both a criminal charge as well as departmental steps that have been sanctioned as a matter of urgency, by Lieutenant General Zuma, the Provincial Commissioner of Mpumalanga.

Reacting to this arrest, Generals Mawela and Zuma commended the Gauteng officers who have demonstrated high discipline by arresting their own, and aligned themselves with the SAPS Anti-Corruption Strategy that seeks to root out corruption from within the ranks.

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