TLU SA supports destitute farmers with Farmhouse Register

TLU SA has started a Farmhouse Register to support farmers in need of housing. A register of empty, habitable farmhouses will be kept in order for destitute farmers to find a temporary home.

“It is a given that many farmers are in the process of eviction,” says Mr Van der Westhuizen. “It is also a given that no-one can fight against the forces of nature or have indemnity against natural disasters. Disasters can hit any farmer, big or small, with devastating effects.

According to a press release, “TLU SA is deeply concerned about the future of these farmers. Some of them have a refuge, but some don’t. The organisation cannot support all of these farmers financially and is looking at our community to find solutions.”  TLU SA’s Head office will manage the Farmhouse Register in order to protect the personal information of farmers and benefactors.

When a farmer contacts TLU SA in regards to emergency housing, the organisation will act as the middle-man to connect the relevant parties. Parties will then negotiate with each other. TLU SA will accept no responsibility for the process and views it as a private matter.

Any interested parties can contact the Secretary of the General Manager of TLU SA, Elanza Joubert, on 012 804 8031 or send an email to

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