This is how you build a country – Solidarity members we salute you

Solidarity and its members carry on working amid chaos at SAA

Solidarity members still report for work at the South African Airways (SAA) despite the turbulent times SAA is experiencing. Given the SAA’s extremely precarious situation Solidarity and its members regard a strike as being destructive rather than constructive.

According to Derek Mans, a Solidarity organiser, the future and sustainability of the SAA is currently on a knife edge. “It is common knowledge that the SAA has been under performing for years and is struggling to stay in business, but its existence has never before been threatened as much as now. Solidarity and its members are aware of the huge crisis within SAA. That is why we have to think more broadly about solutions and not stare ourselves blind at the notion of ‘going about business as usual’”.

Solidarity emphasises that while its members continue to keep operations going at the SAA, Solidarity is working on formulating solutions to transform the overall image of the SAA in the best interest of its members as well as that of the country.

“What is happening here will have drastic consequences, not only for our members but also for the fiscus and the country as a whole. The time has come for someone to take control of the situation and to manage the matter in a responsible way. We’ll seize this opportunity with zeal and despite the enormous turmoil that is prevailing at the moment, our members and we will continue to work,” Mans concluded.

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