TAU (TLU) SA called ANC to order

The ANC alliance was the biggest threat to economic growth, said the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) in its latest statement on Tito Mboweni’s economic policy document which had been released last week.

TAU SA said certain aspects of the plan were indeed beneficial to the country, especially Mboweni’s plans to increase productivity and exports. However, it stated that these plans should be executed under significantly unstable economic conditions established by the ANC and its alliance partners.

The organisation called for the following aspects to be urgently addressed if Mboweni’s recommendations could bear fruit:

  • The total policy variability and uncertainty constantly emanating from the tripartite alliance did not create the confidence among entrepreneurs and investors. This discouraged them from becoming economically active and delivering benefits as outlined in Mboweni’s plans. In view of the fact that international role players had long since recognised and accepted the failure of socialism and communism, the ANC needed to unequivocally and publicly reject these failed ideologies.
  • The ANC alliance also needed to publicly reject the concept of expropriation without compensation and support the principle of private property ownership. Should the ANC persist in proceeding with expropriation without compensation, they will be facilitating and enabling the growing unemployment and levels of poverty experienced under their regime.
  • Sustainable economic growth was only possible only within a stable and crime-free environment. As a struggle movement, the ANC had fostered and encouraged a culture of entitlement and destruction rather than one of encouraging development and growth.  The continuing violent riots during which mobs plunder and destroy, is a bed of the ANC’s own making and will destroy South Africa if left unchecked.
  • The South African Communist Party millstone around the ANC’s neck prevented them from formulating policy to empower the economy. In addition, by demanding unsustainable salary increases, Cosatu abused workers for the union’s own political jockeying and benefit. The unions urgently need to realise that wealth does not fall from the sky, but is created through economic activity. They also need to realise that labour was increasingly being replaced by technology and mechanisation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution provides increased productivity at a lower cost.  By becoming the major obstacle to efficient business operation through ongoing strike action, labour will effectively become irrelevant as businesses increasingly invest in new technologies.
  • The ANC’s policy of BEE and affirmative action is resulting in the emigration of large numbers of skilled and economically active citizens due to lack of opportunity. The government should be using the wealth of skills and expertise available in the country, rather than appointing people based on race or gender.

It is clear that the ANC and its partners had become the greatest threat to the future of South Africa and its people. The TLU SA was however thankful for Mboweni’s brave attempt to ignite economic growth. They made it clear that under the current rules and the status quo, this was not viable.







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