Eskom – load shedding to get worse – Read article from Alex Hogg – bulls&*t story about wet coal

South Africa’s struggling power utility started rolling power blackouts for the second time this week and is warning that electricity shortages may worsen due to rains which are causing coal-handling problems. Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, which provides about 95% of South Africa’s electricity, will cut about 2,000 megawatts from the grid from Friday to Saturday morning, the Johannesburg-based utility said in an emailed statement. Persistent rains, which make coal handling difficult and contribute to reduced generation could result in deeper power cuts, Eskom said. The utility started this month’s power…

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Alec Hogg discusses Eskom, wet coal and the Van der Riet rule

The Daily Insider of 18 November 2018 suggested those running Megawatt Park should honour their late colleague Mark van der Riet who died that week when his stress-weakened heart gave in. For 32 months Van der Riet, Eskom’s top coal scientist, fought a Gupta-inspired suspension for refusing to accept sub-standard coal. Friends reckon that killed him. Given everything which has gone on at Eskom during the past year, those charged with keeping SA’s lights on have had plenty to occupy their minds. But after the past week’s ridiculous ‘wet coal’…

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By April 2020 – SA’s nuclear waste space would be full

  Empty casks to store the annual 32 tonnes of nuclear fuel waste at Koeberg are available, but the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) has to give the go ahead to use this. However, with 95% of available space already filled to capacity, the NNR seems to be taking time in providing the go ahead. These casks cost almost USD 14 million three years ago. Storage of this increasing  high-level radioactive waste is a major  concern in the region, especially in the vicinity of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches. The used radioactive…

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Andre de Ruyter new Eskom CEO

Oscar Wilde said “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Once again, a member of the old guard had been chosen to pull Eskom out of its woes. As Johnny Steenhuisen from the DA rightly said, the BEE-enforced elite was not able to run Denel, SAA and the largest albatross of them all, Eskom. Competence has nothing to do with colour. Competence comes in black and white and kudu’s to Ramapanther and Gordhan who understand that. Welcome to Andre de Ruyter as the new CEO of Eskom.…

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Eskom still under strain – The latest on Monday Nov 11

Power station blow up

No matter the wording used, nothing had changed. South Africans are still at the mercy of a “constrained Eskom.The exact media statement wording reads: “the electricity systems remain constrained and vulnerable.” That is Eskom speak (and in severely constrained English as well) for buy enough candles and if you can afford a generator, invest in one. Alternatively it means going off the grid altogether and settling for solar. In a media statement, Eskom’s spokespersons said the respective generating plants perform at very low levels of reliability, with a probability of…

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After the mini-budget, a newly released document showed Eskom is here to stay

light bulb load shedding

The new version of Tito Mboweni’s strategic document on growth and reforms has dropped the possible sale of Eskom coal-fired stations. Labour was fiercely against this proposal. The sale of coal assets could – depending on tariff assumptions – raise around R450bn – enabling Eskom to possibly pay off its debt. The latest version is silent on Eskom’s debt problem. Mboweni, in his mini-budget (MTBPS) this week talked tough on Eskom. However, by now South Africans are used to the political version of any issue and reality. The amended version…

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Special Update: Medium Term Budget Policy Statement

SA economic woes

  Main points: Economic growth and inflation rates revised significantly lower. Tax revenue collection shortfall of R52bn in 2019/2020. Debt to GDP ratio rises above 70% over the medium term and continues to rise thereafter. Moody’s wouldl likely change the outlook from stable to negative on 1 November followed by a downgrade in 2020 if no reforms are implemented. Bond yields will likely rise and the Rand will weaken against the US dollar although it appears that the negative rating action is largely priced in already.   Isaah Mhlanga, chief…

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There is no energy crisis – minister of Energy, Gwede Mantashe

After publishing the wrong version of the Integrated Resource Plan, Eskom was forced to admit that more than a third of its infrastructure is broken and cannot be relied on to generate electricity on demand. Still, Mineral Resources and Energy Minister, Gwede Mantashe, denied South Africa (SA) had an energy crisis. ‘We have no energy crisis, SA has an energy problem that will turn into a disaster if not attended,’ said the minister on the sidelines of the media briefing to announce the IRP. The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) of…

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Load shedding this week? Eskom and Ramaphosa say no problem

Eskom and no loadshedding

“Do not panic.” So said Ramapanther in a video clip. And now the prince of darkness brought more good news.  No load shedding is expected on Monday. Possible  power cuts during the rest of this week could also be averted. Several units had undergone maintenance and Eskom was agreeing with the President on Sunday. In a statement to the media, Eishkom said it was replenishing diesel reserves. Repairs were progressing well at  Medupi. It could even deliver on the tax payers multi-billion investment. By the end of this week Medupi…

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Why the sudden onslaught of blackouts?

The multi billion rand Medupi power plant

Everyone is aware of Eskom’s money troubles. However, why the sudden increase in blackouts? Six (6) units are down with boiler tube leaks. Koeberg nuclear plant is down as it needed refueling. The multi-billions of tax payer money wasted at Medupi could not stop the coal conveyor from malfunctioning. The result is that this monster is running at a third of its capacity. The final reason as stated in a recent tweet is unplanned breakdowns (as opposed to planned breakdowns? – Ed) Please see additional article on for schedules…

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