Boris wins in UK landslide victory – another Trump look and do alike in top seat

Picture of Boris Johnson prime minister of the UK

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson had won a parliamentary majority, according to Sky News and BBC television, after a snap election called over Brexit. Results showed the Tories had won 326 of the 650 seats in the lower House of Commons, meaning they could not be beaten. Exit polls from Thursday’s vote indicated they could win 368 seats. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the British people had given his Conservative government a “powerful new mandate” to deliver Brexit and unite the country. Exit polls and early results suggested the Tories…

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Brexit – good for SA?

UK High Commissioner Nigel Casey, ( above left), says that post-Brexit, South Africa and the SADC-Mozambique bloc will be able to negotiate one-on-one trade deals with the UK, and not be tied to European Union restrictions. South Africans need not fear Brexit as it will be good for this country, UK High Commissioner to South Africa, residing in Pretoria,  Nigel Casey insists. Britain’s departure from the European Union on 31 October, will bring increased trade and development between the UK and South Africa. What’s in it for South Africa? According…

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