Swazisoul donates shoes to destitute learners

LOCAL musician, Xolani Mashabane, also known as Swazisoul, last week donated school shoes to destitute learners at Shatleng Primary School in Marite, Bushbuckridge.
Mashabane said he felt obliged to give back to the community that raised him. The singer, who lost his parents when he was still young, said when he was a student at the school, he used to attend classes wearing old torn up clothes as a school uniform.
“Growing up in Marite, I did not have much as a child and knew I was not the only one suffering. As a kid, there was nothing I could do to change the situation, so I made a promise to myself that one day I will try to change this in my community,” said Mashabane.
“The situation I grew up made me wanting to be a better person in life so that I can assist others. Donating shoes to the learners was only a start, he said, “we are planning to do more”.
Swazisoul was accompanied by a well-known comedian, Oscar Mgudlwa, known as Madluphuthu, who also grew up in poverty.
Mgudlwa encouraged the learners to always do their best as “nothing was impossible”. He also told them not to allow their background to affect their future. He also urged them to refrain from criminal activities and substance abuse.
“Growing up was hard as people were laughing at me, because I was not good looking and that negatively affected my acting career,” he said.
“Growing up poor or having to look different to other kids doesn’t mean you cannot become a hero or someone people can look up too. I have made it when everyone was telling me I cannot do it,” he said.
Fana Khoza, an eight-year-old learner, told Newshorn that he was grateful for the donations made to them.
“I am very happy to have received a new pair of shoes. I now have my confidence back and I plan to work hard so that I can pass. Maybe one day the education will change my life for better. I must also thank Xolani for what he has done for me and my fellow learners,” he said.

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