Supposed Saudi theft of Denels arms data a “threat to national security”


As if President Cyril Ramaphosa does not have enough trouble, the latest nightmare to land on his desk (apart from the sordid sex life of one of his ministers), had instructed the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to investigate theft of highly classified information from limping arms company, Denel. It had been alleged that former and current employees of the arms company had stolen and given missile information to Saudi Arabia.

And as South Africans had come to know – denial is more than just a river in Egypt – Denel said there was no truth in these allegations.

And just to keep up with Eskom and SAA – Denel, once the pride of the country, had blown a R250 million arms deal with Chad. It is alleged that Chad paid upfront, the money had been used and the products were never delivered. Now the African country wants its money back.


Also read the post on deputy finance minister, David Masondo’s, love affair with a journalist. This “moment of weakness” as it is termed had also landed on the President’s desk.






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