Student kidnapped in Mozambique

student kidnapped

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Another Kidnapping in Mozambique

An 18-year-old female student in Beira, Mozambique, had been kidnapped. According to national news aggregator, Lusa, her father is a local businessman. A wave of kidnappings had been targeting entrepreneurs and their families in the country, of late.

According to witness reports, the victim was buying food at street stalls in the Ponta Gea neighbourhood when four armed men grabbed her and pushed her into a car before racing off.

Kidnappers Threaten Anyone Trying To Assist

According to a witness, cited by O País, while the two girls (colleagues) were walking slowly, a light vehicle with four occupants approached them and with two individuals got out. “One of them ran to the victim and started dragging her into the car. The other armed kidnapper threatened anyone who tried to assist and then they left at high speed.

The kidnapped girl’s colleague described the event:  “a black armed man with short hair, wearing shorts,  “held my arm so that I could not use my cell phone, and pointed a gun at me. People who were in the vicinity tried to help me, but were threatened and retreated. I heard my colleague screaming and calling for me. I looked at her and saw a man dragging her to the car. The one who was holding me ran to the car, helped the other one and they left at high speed”.

The Police were immediately informed but while investigations are continuing, no arrests had been made thus far and the girl is still missing.

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