Spaza shops and informal food shops may trade from 7am to 5pm

Masoka Dube

SPAZA shops and informal food traders are only permitted to trade from 7am until 5pm during the lockdown period.
So said Mpumalanga Department of Economic Development and Tourism MEC, Pat Ngomane. This only applied to those who have the necessary trading permits.

“I would like to clarify that business operating times are strictly 7am to 5pm daily. This relates to spaza shops and informal food traders. I have given notice to the three district mayors in our province to make them aware of this,” Ngomane said.

“We are applying uniform trading hours throughout the province during the lockdown. This means no trader is permitted to operate before 7am or beyond 5pm. anyone operating outside the stipulated times will be operating illegally and will be dealt with in terms of the applicable law,” he said.

Ngomane also warned that people should not sell or distribute alcohol as it was strictly prohibited.

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