Social crisis looming – Solidarity

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Social Workers spoke out strongly against the Department of Social Development, as more subsidy payments are delayed due to negligence.

The Guild requested the Solidarity Research Institute to do in-depth research on the challenges being faced with subsidy payments so that we can approach the department with workable solutions.

“In April this year, children’s homes in Pretoria were affected, and now it is children’s homes, old age homes and other institutions in the Eastern Cape. It seems that this is becoming a countrywide issue and the Department must be held accountable,” said Hennie Bierman, head of Solidarity’s Occupational Guilds.

According to a report on Netwerk24, the Department has failed to pay state subsidies to many non-profit organisations in the Eastern Cape. Apparently, the majority of these organisations have not received any payments for the past four months.

“The challenges that must be faced when subsidies are not paid, are significantly greater than just a shortage of food. Staff salaries and other basic needs cannot be paid either,” Bierman argued.

If the Department does not pay out the subsidies very soon, these organisations will be forced to close their doors, which will have a catastrophic impact on communities that are mainly dependent on social assistance.

“The Occupational Guild for Social Workers feels strongly that social workers have to face more than enough challenges. Agonising about whether they will receive the salaries they are entitled to, should not be added to that,” Bierman concluded.

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