Sibo Pilson and Thebigzill Onair from Rise FM talks to NewsHorn.

NEWSHORN went up close and personal with two of Mpumalanga’s award winning radio DJ’s from Rise FM, Thebigzill Onair and Sibo Pilson. They shared valuable tips with those who want to join the broadcasting industry.

Pilson from Ngondini said she was lucky to got her break from a commercial radio station in 2015 with her own show on weekends and later transferred to the RISE-FM drive popular Afternoon Drive.

Sibo Pilson

Thebigzill Onair from Elukwatini said he started his radio career with a stint at a Barberton community radio and worked for various other stations before joining RISE-FM in their Mbombela offices.

Thebigzil said young people who want to join the industry should start with a community radio station where valuable tricks of the trade are picked up.

Thebigzill Onair

“Community radio is the foundation phase for those who want join the industry and I wouldn’t advise anyone to go to a special school to become a radio presenter. Instead, they can get educated to empower themselves because just by studying radio broadcasting, you are wasting your time” he said.

Pilson said alternative education should be embarked on if one has to fall back on another career or wish to continue along a different path in radio broadcasting. Not everyone may want to be a presenter throughout their entire career and would want to grow further in the business.

When it comes to their Afternoon Drive show, the duo said what makes it unique is that they always look for different and new angles and scenarios. The fact that they come from different backgrounds had a huge impact on the style and direction of the show. However, this successful DJ duo share the same sentiments which are what keep their listeners glued to the radio when they are on the air.

What is the secret of their success?

“On our show, there is that relatability that we are also human, we make listeners feel comfortable with by the way we interact with them. The importance of it is that after a long day at work or school we bring laughter, smile, hope and happiness before they close their day,” the duo told NewsHorn.

Both dismissed rumours that radio is dying, as it continues to entertain, inform and educate. With radio migrating from FM to digital would ensure this broadcasting medium would be with us for a very long time.

“Radio will never die, it will forever remain relevant because it is the source of communication with your community on a daily basis because we inform listeners on what is happening from morning until they go to bed,” they both agreed.

Pilson said radio broadcasting is “not as easy as it looks and requires a lot of hard work, research and dedication. There are no short cuts, and those who want short cuts would not make it in the industry. “However, when I see someone putting in an effort I will give them contacts that will make it easy for them” she said.

Thebigzill emphasised the importance of creativity, humility and respecting others and said that these attitudes would take those interested in radio broadcasting a long way.

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