Security service providers to be paid finally. 

The Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison (DCSSL) has contracts with various service providers in order to render security services at various government sites across the province.

These sites include clinics and health facilities. The service providers are paid on a monthly basis upon the submission of invoices to the department.

According to the department statement  they experienced budgetary constraints since last month and this affected timeous payments to these companies within 30 days in line with government prescripts.

“This has consequently led to some companies not being able to pay their employees although DCSSL does not have contracts employees of the affected companies, we expect them to timeously pay their employees’ salaries. Moreover these companies were evaluated based on their capabilities which include financial and human capital” said on the statement

Paying of employees’ salaries by the companies is part of service level agreement (SLA) that the department has with these companies.

The employees at some of the sites downed tools as a result of non payment of their salaries by the companies.

With regards to budgetary constraints, DCSSL has since engaged the Provincial Treasury and guidance has been provided by the Office of the Premier. Meetings were also held with the service providers in order to urgently resolve the matter.

A provision has been made for financial assistance to be made to DCSSL. Great progress has been recorded in this regard with an intention of normalising the situation.

Therefore, according to the plan at hand, the affected service providers will be paid by no later than 1 February 2020.

The internal processes in consultation with the Provincial Treasury, for budget transfers to be effected are already underway.

DCSSL is aware about the urgency of the matter and an appeal is therefore made to all affected stakeholders including labour movements and employees, to bear with government during these difficult times.

The department apologises for the inconvenience that may have caused.

We are a caring government that seeks to empower the citizens of the province through among others prompt payments of service providers including security companies.


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