SA’s steel giant in Saldanha to close down

ArcelorMillar steel plant in Saldanha

ArcelorMittal (AMSA) in Saldanha would be retrenching 900 workers in the new year when it closes its steel plant.

As a result of more expensive raw materials, price regulation such as power tariffs and a decrease in demand AMSA’s Saldanha plant cannot sustainably participate in export markets any longer.

The real impact on the Saldanha community and the Western Cape would be huge with thousands more being negatively affected by the closure. The closure could have catastrophic consequences for local communities given that AMSA’s Saldanha plant is the area’s largest employer. AMSA’s future regarding its steel plant in Newcastle is also not sure.

Workers’ Union Solidarity had assured its members at AMSA that it would do everything in its power to protect their interests during the process.

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