SARS – latest shortfall R57 billion

Alex Rose-Innes

SARS commissioner, Edward Kieswetter, browbeaten and verbally abused by gravy train passengers, is forging ahead to rebuild this entity, but is the first to admit that it will take years to counteract the damage and internal rot, aided by”trusted” external sources.

The good guy, Edward Kieswetter

During the Tax Indaba in Gauteng, the brain drain of highly trained staff, the role of auditing firm KPMG to “capture” SARS and the shocking amount of money lost as a result had been highlighted and Kieswetter did not mince words about the state of this institution.

In Moneyweb, Kieswetter is quoted: ” “It pains me that there are still those who perpetuate a denialist narrative about the fact that SARS had suffered a significant blow since 2014. It is even more distressing that there are still those who continue to undermine the efforts to rebuild Sars. They do this to our collective detriment.”

The article by Amanda Visser also stated that SARS had been the target of deliberate capture supporting the hidden agendas of firms such as Bain, Gartner and advisory firm KPMG. Kieswetter said the world-class IT system was neglected and as with Eskom, the entity is “just managing to keeping the lights on.”

SARS is working closely with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and  more than a 1000 cases are cases are awaiting  prosecution. Former commissioner Tom Moyane ensured SARS  was left in this tragic state and allowed auditors to “bully” taxpayers and tax professionals. Talk of a tax revolt had become prevalent.

The bad guy, Tom Monyane


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