Sabotage the reason for blackouts says Ramaphosa

Picture of Johannesburg in South Africa with all the lights off as a result of the electricity provider Eskom not able to provide lights to the country

Remember the Groot Krokodil (PW Botha) behind that finger saying that a third force had been sabotaging the country. As Oscar Wilde said: The more things change, the more they stay the same. We are back there, according to the prez.

President Ramaphosa had been quoted in the media, saying it had been established that there was an act of sabotage that saw the already constrained system shed 2000 megawatts. “There was also an act of sabotage where someone in the Eskom system disconnected one of the instruments which led to one of the boilers tripping.”

Addressing South Africans in a live broadcast, the President reassured South Africans that: “Eskom has given an assurance that from the 17th December 2019 to 13 January 2020 we should not be in a position to have any form of load shedding.”

Ramaphosa was speaking after meeting with the Board and Management of Eskom, where he was briefed on plans to mitigate and resolve the current electricity crisis affecting the country.

Sabotage investigations at Eskom

An investigation into the acts of sabotage is underway.

“I have directed that the sabotage acts must be investigated and they [Eskom] must work with the South African Police Services and intelligence. “We want security increased so that no one ever gets the opportunity to engage in acts of sabotage,” said the President. Other challenges cited by the President that led to the load shedding include aged infrastructure, cable theft compounded by the week long rains that engulfed parts of the country. The President’s visit to Eskom headquarters – Megawatt Park – comes as the country enters day seven of load shedding.

In a first for the country, the utility surpassed the Stage 4 mark and implemented Stage 6 load shedding on Monday.

Holiday Leave cancelled for top Eskom management ( And they so desperately wanted to travel in their multi-million Rand vehicles)

In a bid to mitigate the strain on the utility, the President instructed that all leave for executives and managers was cancelled, to allow the top brass of Eskom to adequately deal with the challenges. Additionally, Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe will work with Eskom management to facilitate the emergency recovery plan.

Meanwhile, the President said government is working to ensure that Medupi and Kusile come on stream next year with the first unit from Kusile set to come on the grid by June 2020.


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