SA Aids scientists joins ranks of Sir Newton

Top South African AIDS Scientist Salim Abdool Karim Becomes Fellow of Prestigious Royal Society, 30 years after it became his dream, which just shows that if you have a dream and work like a dog towards it, it will happen.

Professor Karim joins the ranks of the most “eminent scientists, engineers and technologists from the UK and the Commonwealth” – according to the Society’s website – a group that has included people like Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking! Each Fellow is elected for life through a peer review process.

The Centre for the Aids Research Programme of SA (Caprisa) – of which Professor Karim is Director – explained that to qualify for Royal Society Fellowship, an individual must have made a “substantial contribution to the improvement of natural knowledge, including mathematics, engineering science and medical science”. And what better place to become au fait with AIDS than Africa?


Source: SA

(Edited for style. Additional text by Alex Rose-Innes.)