Run boys, GODZILL(e) is back

Helen Zille is back in the Democratic Alliance

Opinion piece

Godzille is back. With everyone shocked and even seasoned journalists bemoaning the fact, let the Sisterhood choir chant, Siyakwamukela!

Maimane in his R4 million Rand house, alegedly paid for by you now who, made a true political move. Blame Godzille and leave before more critters crawl out the cupboard. Helen Zille had once again beaten moaning Milly, Athol Trollope (sorry Trollip) at the pipping post. She now makes the rules. Yes boys, you can run but you cannot hide. Nor can you put South Africa’s own Margaret Thatcher safely under the stairs somewhere.  From the days when Helen herself had been a journalist and member of the Black Sash, that bug up her petite backside drove her.

Consider this not merely a feminist statement. The Democratic Alliance (DA) is called “leaderless and in tatters” in the media,  but watch this space. What does this mean when all the hype and media remarks had come and gone (as it usually does)? The three bulls, Maimane, Trollip and Herman Mashaba, ex DA Joburg mayor, would definitely start a new party. A good-looking black man, a Jew boy and a capable mayor could probably align some #Im staying and New Age thinkers behind them. But run the country, never.

The last election were contested by 48 parties. Most got nowhere. Advice from an old, twisted and been-there journalist – you can either grow what Godzille has (sure you can figure that one out) or put yourself on LinkedIn as philanthropists, mentors and life coaches. You could even take a leaf out of Bill Clinton’s book on how to survive after the party – write a book, become a speaker and charge megabucks. The crowd who wants to make a difference by living in high security estates around the country, has the cash.

The ANC would definitely not lose any sleep over this. With the official opposition tripping over its high heels, it could perhaps get that elusive two-third majority vote again.



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