R12 billion in “stealth tax” for working families – billions of revenue cut from services to poor

The government’s failure to adjust tax brackets would see an effective R12 billion tax increase for working families. At the same time, R50 billion cuts to services for the poor had been announced.

Opposition parties pointed this out in parliament during yesterday’s (Tuesday, 26 Nov) during the debate on rates and monetary amounts amendment of the Revenue Laws Bill.

According to various media statements received from opposition parties, State-owned entities (SOE’s) had been prioritised to benefit from this oversight.” Include in that the ever increasing salaries of civil servants and their millionaire managers, it is clear that the country’s residents would struggle even more on their dwindling incomes.

Increases in taxes saw a rise in electricity prices, petrol tax hikes, higher VAT, public transport increases and higher school fees.

Stealth tax = keeping it under the radar and ruling the country under the mushroom concept – “keep everyone in the dark and feed them on bullsh#t.












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