Pres Ramaphosa to deal with another faux pas of Denel’s Gupta undoing

The president had been roped in to avert a diplomatic faux pas and South Africa (SA) being reported to the International Justice Court, compliments of state-owned Denel, once upon a time the provider of some of the world’s most iconic and successful defense equipment. The latest proverbial egg on south Africa is that Denel had failed to supply Chad with 40 Casper military vehicles despite being paid half of the R250 as deposit 24 months ago during the Gupta-state capture.

According to City Press, Denel could not deliver the order as officials fought over the ownership of the lucrative intellectual property (IP) rights – which had been given to the Gupta family for free – to build the vehicles. Now Chad had cancelled the lucrative contract and was demanding their money back from the company that cannot even pay their staff in full. In the meantime, Treasury are throwing billions at the company, promising more to come, just as with the state-owned SA Airways.

Chad had now called upon President Ramaphosa to intervene. The army vehicles are needed to fight terrorism act targeted at the African country. To no one’s surprise, it now came to light that the deal had been unlawfully entered into. Police had been called in and corrupt officials are holding their collective breaths. It seems as if the Guptas were involved in the deal together with  their in-house lackeys within Denel’s previous management.





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