Pres Ramaphosa is now an agony aunt as well – Pres called to deal with former lover boy

The deputy finance minister, David Masondo and a freelance journalist’s love affair is reminiscent of the movie, War of the Roses. On top of this major embarrassment for the deputy minister, this sordid saga had now landed on the President’s desk as well. Fixing the mess South Africa is finding itself in, is not stressful enough. Ramaphosa has to sort out the love affairs of his cabinet ministers as well, it seems.

In a case of he said, she said, both Masondo and the journalist in question are slapping each other with legal notices.

Among it all is a suspected illegal sting operation which saw Ms X thrown in jail. The dame in question has got the sisterhood on her side with a prominent women’s’ organisation batting for her against the political power of the young minister.

Masonso met Ms X and in his own words “in a moment of weakness” impregnated her. From Mugg & Bean to a B&B, the entire saga is now under the spotlight. Masondo apparently paid R300 000 for her silence, refused to have a baby with her and may not have a marriage or a career after this very expensive “moment of weakness.”

However, he is in illustrious company – Minister Gwede Mantashe, Bill Clinton (ex-American president) and a menagerie of high profile men all had “moments of weakness”. So just cry in public, say you are sorry and all would be well.






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