Photographer claims his stake in industry

TAKUNDA Ruvinga’s star is on the rise as the young photographer is claiming his place in the entertainment industry, one step at a time.
Known as Picture Perfect, Ruvinga has proven that he is not afraid to take a shot at anyone and even going as far as “chopping heads” while at it.
“Picture Perfect” spoke to NewsHorn about his sudden rise to fame and his career as a photographer.
According to the 21-year-old Zimbabwe-born photographer, it had not been long since he cut his teeth into the industry, but “society has shown appreciation of my work” in a short time.
“However I am still out there trying to grow as a professional photographer and move forward. I was quite a good soccer player, but you know, in the lower divisions you don’t get paid and the opportunities are very little in this province,” he said.
Ruvinga emphasised that his initial plan was to have a part-time job and as a result, he ended up falling in love with photography.
“l started with a Canon 600D with only one kit lens at my disposal. That was the beginning of the journey. It comes naturally, but as a person you will need more knowledge so that you can do the task perfectly,” he added.
“All l can say is there is always a market for photographers as long you are producing good quality work and because there are things that a camera can do and a cellphone can’t do.
“It is also an advantage if you are good with software and that’s when we talk about editing and so on. It includes the affordability for the client, based on their preferences,” Ruvinga said.
“The first photographer to inspire me was Brian Gutsa from Zimbabwe. He owns BLaQ Studios and started his journey with an iPhone 5. Now he owns a lot of equipment and he got a lot more experience. To me he is an inspiration,” Ruvinga concluded.

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