Peace in Moz at last?

Alex Rose-Innes

Will it last? Will Renamo keep to the agreement? Despite an agreement signed by the country’s president, Filipe Nyusi and opposition leader Ossufo Momade this week, hopes are up. Big hugs all around (as only politicians can manage with enemies while the cameras are on them) as promises of formally ending hostilities were made.

Nyusi traveled to Renamo’s military base in the mountains to sign the deal. But in Africa, a signature or a handshake mean nothing in reality. Renamo has been targeting the official party in Mozambique, 27 years after the first civil war in which South Africa at the time, played a big role. One million were left dead in the ongoing skirmish, many of which were South African young troopers.

Currently, a jihadist group is creating havoc in the country and seen more than 200 lives lost already. Mozambique gained independence in 1975. Before that it was a Portuguese outpost.


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