Parents irate over re-opening of schools

SOME parents have expressed their annoyance over the re-opening of schools next month.

NewsHorn spoke to parents concerning the re-opening of schools on 1 June, following the announcement made by the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, last week.

One concerned parent, Kuhle Mthembu, said; “I am residing in Lekazi and after seeing how the community has not taken the COVID-19 as serious as they should have, and looking at the increasing numbers of the spread of this disease, I don’t feel it’s safe for my child to go back to school this soon.”

Another parent, Puleng Maminza, said the re-opening of schools was not well thought through and should be postponed. She said the infection rate was rising with June forecasted to be the peak month and on the other hand, parents were expected to send their children to school to be in the “middle of a mess”.

Millicent Mashaba echoed the same sentiment: “This so scary because we don’t know how safe it’s going to be. I have heard that they are going to scan them all the time and we trust their plan is going to work.”

She added: “You can see when children are playing with their friends that they don’t socially distance themselves; it is, unfortunately, a song that they don’t know.”

“It is risky for children to go to school because as it is difficult for adults to wear masks for an hour or more will children be able to wear them in class?” asked another parent, Motlalepula Simango.

She added that: “Social distancing will also prove to be difficult for them because we should be considerate of the fact that we have been on lockdown and as a result, they will want to hug each other because of not seeing each other for a long time.

“What will happen if one child is infected from home and goes to school? This will result in more children being infected and cause a chain reaction,” Simango said.

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