Not all coming up roses for gas projects in Moz

Mozambique is set to become the world’s second largest gas exporter by 2024-25, with Italy’s Eni coming on board. Eni has already invested over 8 billion euros and  with other partners will invest almost another 25 billion euros by 2024 to bring other gas fields on stream. Exxon of the great spill will join the project to produce as much as 20 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year. This is seen as as a huge turnaround for the country in 20-25 years, adding as much as 100 billion US dollars to the coffers.

In the meantime, the country could not raise the necessary funding for its portion of Anadarko Petroleum Corp.’s $20 billion gas project.

Residents and researchers are however heavily criticising Sasol’s offshore drilling project in Inhambane and Sofala on environmental grounds and call for a full impact study.  A court hearing took place last week with multinational Sasol coming under fire for breaching former gas exploitation agreements.


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