NewsHorn talks to local designer about her love for craft and fashion

NEWSHORN caught up with local fashion designer, Phumelele Sibiya, who is the founder and creator behind the women’s clothing and accessory brand, Phumie S Designs, to tell us more about her brand and everything concerning fashion.
NewsHorn (NH): Who is Phumie?
Phumelele Sibiya (PS): Phumie is shortened from the name Phumelele. I am a 23-year-old from Nelspruit who is a fun-loving, outgoing person and loves meeting new people despite being shy. Even though people seldom assume that I seem like I have a mean personality, but once they get to know me, they realise that I am actually a very nice person who loves to laugh and also forever smiling.
NH: Why did you choose fashion designer as a career?
PS: I grew up with the love for fashion. I love clothes and also mixing things together to create something amazing. For instance, when I was young, I used to cut my old clothes to make something new from the material. Basically, I love using my hands and being creative. Fashion is everything, you can communicate through it with someone without even uttering a single word. I started small, using the little material I had when I started my company and that’s when I realised that this is my passion.
NH: What is the inspiration behind your designs?
PS: As a designer, you never know when inspiration will strike. Although, I might feel inspired while working or while taking a break as my mind tends to think faster. I often get inspired while taking a walk, spending time with friends and family or even being on social media. Hence it’s very important to surround yourself with artistic inspiration or people in order to feed your imagination.
NH: What is the in thing this season?
PS: Floral designs are the in thing this season, whether you are making a dress or any other outfit. Floral designs are a must, as they complement every type of skin tone and they look good as well. While on the other hand, satin/silk material also work.
NH: Do you think we have enough talent in an effort to looking at Europe for fashion trends and create our own?
PS: Yes of course, I think we have enough talent. South Africa, or let me say Africa, as a whole has too much talent as everyone is unique in their own way. If we could just all get together and support one another we could go very far because we are amazing and talented.

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