NewsHorn chats to newly-crowned Miss Eco-Tourism World Africa 2020

MICHELL Lethubuhle Chiremba had become the first Miss Eco-Tourism World Africa 2020 and talked to NewsHorn about herself and what it meant winning the pageant.
The 20-year-old Chiremba who was born in Zimbabwe in Manicaland, Mutare, was raised in SA. The student from the University of Johannesburg said she hails from a family of five children from a small community in Johannesburg.
“As a young lady of faith and a dreamer, I have been trusted with the crown and I plan to take Africa to the world. I love Africa and it’s very close to my heart because it exudes greatness and is filled with so much life and light.
Chiremba’s aim is to advocate for African issues which include safety, educational and economic empowerment of women and children, especially in disadvantaged communities across the continent. Her main purpose is to serve people, she said.
“I plan to use this platform as a stepping stone to even bigger prestigious
platforms such as the African Union and the UNHCR and along with that to
begin a journey towards building generational wealth for my family as we did not have enough money.”
“With this title I humbly devote myself to empowering others through my journey as a beacon of hope. I plan to give back in terms of education and as a tutor I am big on impact rather than impression. Also, as eco-tourism contributes to various African economies, I believe knowledge is power and intend to educate the local people on how to sustain, protect and profit from the beauty around them that would ultimately benefit Africa,” Chiremba said.
“I plan to continue dreaming because that is what keeps me so driven in this unpredictable life. I intend to be the face of the faceless, the voice of the voiceless and the hope for the hopeless. I was raised locally but I will impact globally.”