Mpumalanga school benefits in time of Fourth Revolution

Volksrust, Mpumalanga – Phembindlela Primary School in Vukuzakhe Township received a new computer centre thanks to a partnership by General Electric South Africa and Eskom.
The companies invested over half a million Rand through non-profit organisation (NPO), S.A Medical and Education Foundation (SAME), who implemented the project on behalf of the donors as part of Mandela Month.

“We are living in a time of accelerated technological change and progress, labelled as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This technological disruption is a major cause of structural unemployment and a factor when dissecting or analysing the current underperforming South African economy. The onset of the fourth industrial revolution requires a different skill set to drive the economy and compete effectively, hence the focus on STEM subjects and careers. With this considered, still only four out of ten (40.9%) public schools possess a fully equipped computer laboratory in South Africa. ” Said Tyrone Pols, Project Manager at SAME.

The school is a quintile-two ranked school  for learners with special needs and disabilities. Young South Africans have been encouraged to become more involved in the ICT sector, though for learners at disadvantaged schools, it remains a foreign concept as they have no access to computer labs as was the scenario at Phembindlela Primary School.

The S.A Medical & Education Foundation is a South African NPO undertaking high impact community development projects. The Foundation boasts a  track-record of completing over 60 projects in the last 16 years, positively influencing millions of South Africans. Their sole aim is to improve healthcare and educational facilities in poverty-stricken communities.