Mozambique to develop legislation after SA xenophobic attacks

Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, Mozambique’s Small Business Development minister said their government is developing legislation to regulate participation of foreign nationals in South Africa (SA).

“We do not have enabling legislation to allow us to regulate the participation of foreign nationals in South Africa,” Ntshavheni said on Radio 702. During weeks of xenophobic violence in Gauteng, 12 people died and hundreds of arrests were made, many of these across-border nationals.

Other countries such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Pakistan have existing regulations to specify sectors in which foreign nationals may not participate, including retail, pharmaceuticals and micro-business.

She said Mozambique’s government cannot account for business conducted by foreign nationals in SA as their money is not banked in SA’s banking systems. Ntshavheni added that Mozambique is studying what other countries had done, to develop a law which would be a combination of what is practised in other parts of Africa. It would be in line with the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Once operational, this agreement is expected to create the world’s largest free trade area.

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