Lowvelders – you are not alone with your allergies


A whopping 90% of hay fever sufferers in SA blamed their nasal allergy for ruining a special moment according to a national poll released today.

Birthdays (13%), long awaited holidays (24%), job interviews/auditions (19%), important presentations (17%), even romantic dates (23%), intimate moments (18%) and weddings (6%) have all turned slimy, runny and sneezy due to uninvited nasal allergy symptoms.

Among the 1 218 survey participants were a few sport pros who also confessed to hay fever getting in the way of running their personal best in the Comrades Marathon and a rugby hero being stifled by a blocked nose and watery eyes during the crucial final match of the famous ‘95 Rugby World Cup that was played at Ellis Park.

The survey highlighted that across the allergy spectrum, airborne allergens were primarily responsible for ruining many a special moment.  42% of participants blamed pollen, while a further 56% held dust responsible for their misery- and it is true, dust and pollen ) during Spring, are affecting 17 millions South Africans.

Those that took part in the allergy survey cited ‘shiners’ – dark circles under the eye (38%), a droopy appearance (35%), skin rash (41%), nasal creasing (21%), and dry and chapped lips (36%) as some of the undesirable consequences.

Over-the-counter treatments, such as antihistamines that have proven effective for a runny and stuffy nose. These are usually available in tablet and syrup form. Decongestant nasal sprays also help to shrink the inflamed nasal passages, which will allow sufferers to breathe a little easier, but shouldn’t be taken for longer than a few days consecutively.

Nasal cortico-steroids could also help block an allergic reaction, but it’s best to consult a doctor or aller-gologist for a treatment specific to your condition. Effective nasal sprays that are natural, include, Nexa Allershield™, which based on clinical trials, reduces symptoms by 90%. It contains a natural cellulose powder of vegetable origin, which shields the nasal membrane from airborne allergens. As it’s natural, it can be used by children and during pregnancy.

To maintain a glowing look during spring, avoid going outside when the pollen counts are high, drink enough water to stay hydrated, use gentle, hypoallergenic skincare products and be sure to wash all make-up off your face before going to bed with lukewarm water (not hot) to limit facial redness and irritation.

For puffy eyes, use a cold compress, such as cucumber slices or Rooibos tea bags or opt for soothing eye gel or drops. There are also various de-puffing eye creams on the market, which a pharmacist will be able to assist you with. Lastly, moisturise often and get enough sleep,” advises Mackintosh.

For additional tips and advice regarding allergies, visit www.allergyexpert.co.za