Looking for a life partner

Gladys Rihlampfu .


Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

If you are single and you are in need of a life partner, Gladys Rahlampfu’s  agency Tikumeli Vukati (Find a Marriage) will  assist those who wish to meet a suitable match in a safe environment.

Rahlampfu said she saw a need in the community and this way, she is doing all the hard work of match making. She ensured NewsHorn that her agency is safe and when interviewing possible partners will ensure it is not a human trafficking scam. She screens everyone who applies.

Ramatlapfu says she is using a WhatsApp to communicate with her clients firstly they must send their pictures, with their biography and she will respond with the pictures and the biography of those who are on the waiting list once they agreed she will arrange a meeting place for the two to meet

Then after the meeting they will come back to her informing her that they like each other and both if they are happy with each then they wish to continue then it’s up to them to arrange their second meeting. She only charges them at least R200 to arrange the whole thing.

Twarisane Maswanganyi who found love via the agency told Newshorn that she found her soulmate, with the help of the Tikumeli Vukati and encourages all the singles to use the agency they will not regret it.

She only charges her clients R100 and she hired three people at her agency and those who are interested in finding love  they contact  her on +27 72 468 9567

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