Load shedding this week? Eskom and Ramaphosa say no problem

Eskom and no loadshedding

“Do not panic.” So said Ramapanther in a video clip.

And now the prince of darkness brought more good news.  No load shedding is expected on Monday. Possible  power cuts during the rest of this week could also be averted. Several units had undergone maintenance and Eskom was agreeing with the President on Sunday.

In a statement to the media, Eishkom said it was replenishing diesel reserves. Repairs were progressing well at  Medupi. It could even deliver on the tax payers multi-billion investment. By the end of this week Medupi could run on full capacity.

However,  please restrain yourselves. Especially in the above 39-degrees Lowveld, overuse of air conditioning systems are not ideal. Do not set it lower than 23 degrees.

“We remind customers that despite this progress, the power system is constrained. While every effort is made to avoid load shedding, it could be implemented at short notice.  Should there be a significant shift in plant performance and increased unplanned technical breakdowns. (Don’t NewsHorn readers also wish to know how  a planned breakdown works? – Ed.)

Eskom said it would re-asses the situation and keep South Africans updated.

And because our nation had become so good at laughing at their own problems, (albeit hysterically), herewith a few gems sent to the editor:

  • Load shedding is when you divorce your overweight husband
  • Whatever Eishkom says, should be taken with eish, ja.
  • An unplanned breakdown is the same as the badges on certain pharmacists overcoats – Responsible pharmacist – were they irresponsible before?

To all our readers and advertisers – NewsHorn wishes you all a mighty working National Health System, no power cuts and big bonuses for those working in private businesses.


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