Lesotho to host Southern African regional sports forum

Maseru, capitol of Lesotho

Lesotho would host the inaugural joint Regional Sports Forum for Southern Africa. The theme would be Towards a collective vision and harmony in sport. It would take place in the capital Maseru on November 13 & 14.

The Forum had been jointly organised by the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and Confederation of Southern African National Olympic Committees (COSANOC). It is aimed at promoting harmony among all sports agencies to create goal congruence, stimulating the sustainable development of sport.

International, regional and local sport bodies are to participate. The African Union (AU), South African Development Community (SADC) and sport ministers across the Region 5 member countries would be among many delegates attending. Sport directors, chairpersons and senior members of sport commissions and councils would brush shoulders with executives of National Olympic Committees in the region. The most well-known and largest associations had been invited.

during this forum, the problems encountered in the region in sport, a result of lack of collaboration, absence of common vision and misalignment of sports policies would be addressed.  The lack of transparency regarding resource usage and accountability principles and the current general disharmony and conflict among key players at country level, would also be discussed. The forum would provide a platform for  key stakeholders to engage and establish common areas of interest to ultimately benefit athletes and sport in general.

The Forum is expected to provide resolutions to be implemented over time. Measures to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the resolutions would also be established.

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