Latest farm murders show killing spree after relaxation of lock down

Image of police tape at farm murders in SA

The agricultural sector had been hit by 26 farm murders since the start of the year according to the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU).  In an attack on a farm in Weenen, KwaZulu-Natal,  a pregnant Zakiyyah Ahmedjan Ismail (26) was killed in front of her children.  In another attack, a well-known Afrikaans singer, Wynand Breedt was shot and killed on his farm outside Worcester near Cape Town.

According to this commercial farmers’ union, a decrease in violent crimes were noted since the inception of  lock down, but  since lock down had been relaxed, it had spiraled to  68 attacks and 12 murders between April and June. Between January and March this year, TAU  SA recorded 71 farm attacks and 14 murders. For the same period last year, the agricultural community recorded 30 farm murders, with a total of 419 farm attacks and 56 murders  recorded for 2019.

Farmers had been urged to adopt stricter safety precautions and levels of alertness and also to join safety structures in their areas. Police information regarding these attacks showed that two-thirds of murder victims were made up of white farmers, their families and farm workers. Even black farm workers, just as their employers, suffered high levels of violence and torture.



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