KNP self drive guidelines reminder during level 3 of the lock down

The Kruger National Park (KNP) Management would like to remind Day Visitors to the Park, from 18 June 2020 to continue to adhere to the Covid 19 Health Protocols as outlined by government especially on the social distancing aspect when travelling for self-drive excursions. National Parks, of which the KNP is one of opened their gates on 8 June 2020 after the country moved to Level 3 of the lockdown as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa in May 2020.

The Managing Executive of the KNP, Gareth Coleman said the general feedback from regular visitors is that they are delighted that the Park is open for them again even though they are not able to sleep over.

“We are in uncharted waters with Covid 19 and had to get all hands on deck to make sure that those visiting had a good experience. It was important for us to orientate our colleagues at the front line on the Health Protocols around the virus, so that they could assist and safeguard our visitors and employees. The issue of PPE’s, training and the recording of personal details of visitors went as envisaged and we are grateful for the massive cooperation from our clients” said Coleman.

The guidelines to adhere to during self-drives in the KNP are as follows:

·         Maintain social distancing by at least two metres (2m).

·         Notwithstanding requirement that day visitors in one vehicle must be from same household, limitations on vehicle capacity and number of occupants has to be firmly enforced upon entry at gates. The restriction is that occupants may not exceed more than 70% of capacity and we request visitors to adhere so they are not turned back at the gates.

·         Guests are advised to book in advance (preferably online if possible) in order to assist in planning as strict quota management will apply; with the understanding that booked day visitors must arrive at the gate within that time span.

The times slots below will apply

o   Time slot 1: 06.00 to 08:00

o   Time slot 2: 08:00 to 10:00

o   Time slot 3: 10:00 onwards

o   For online bookings visitors can visit

Those who are in possession of firearms should declare them at the gate so that they can be sealed upon entry; break the seal when departing.

“At the moment, picnic spots are only to be used for ablutions as no braaing is allowed under the current regulations. The restaurants and Park shops will be open for takeaways only. Finally the quota system will be in place at all gates to ensure compliance in terms of numbers inside the park and to enhance visitor experience”; concluded Coleman.

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