NewsHorn Media has grown from a small town publication to a provincial, across-the-border newspaper in the short space of four years, the only of its kind. With a small team (2) of passionate staff members, it won the coveted Kruger Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (KLCBT) entrepreneurial award in 2017, a mere two years after start-up and the only provincial paper to ever win such a prestigious award.

Today, from a one-room newspaper, it boasts its own offices, the staff has grown considerably and as more and more requests were received to service the neighbouring countries, Mozambique and eSwatini are now also part of the independent and free-thinking, good news newspaper.

Having had to battle giants in the industry and despite the downturn in the economy, NewsHorn Media has managed to add a plethora of social media products to its offering which is still FREE, making it possible for the poorer rural areas to also be updated on important issues. NewsHorn Media is the only newspaper of its kind in the province to boast its own App.

Not beholden to anyone, NewsHorn Media, boasting a 137% BEE adherence with a black, South African woman as owner, will continue to grow and with its Good News maxim, ensure the province of Mpumalanga is presented as a viable business option and property area for out-of-towners. However, the peoples’ paper will always ensure the smaller businesses are accommodated through low advertising rates and the bigger clients to benefit from all services rendered and best price options.

Realising the need for servicing the upcoming black market, NewsHorn Media now boast a readership of all peoples with its bi-monthly FREE products (Nkomazi/eSwatini/Mozambique, Bothlabela and Mbombela separate editions). As the Voice of all its peoples, it adheres to the motto of working together, we can indeed make a difference.

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