Good news on a rainy Tuesday – told you it was going to get good some day!

diesel shortage in sa

It is raining, China has written anti-animal consuming laws into its Bill of Rights and now more good news!

From Wednesday, that is tomorrow March 4, the petrol price is coming down 19c per litre  for both 93 and 95ULP and LRP

Take out the diesel Jeeps, this golden fuel is dropping by a whopping 54c per litre (both grades).

The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin decreases by 68c/litre with SMNRP’s price 91c per litre down.

The maximum retail price for LPGAS would drop by 32c/kilogram.

According to’s website, the Rand depreciated against the US Dollar for the period under review. This is the third consecutive fuel prize drop since the beginning of the year.

So lets #stay, things may actually get better over time. Now it is just Eskom, Denel and SAA which have to come to the party.


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