Eskae Amigo brings a unique sound to his fans

SKHUMBUZO Motsa aka Eskae Amigo to his legion of fans is set to take 2021 by storm, as he brings a unique sound of new school trap music blended with his IsiSwati lyrics.
This 25-year-old eSwatini-born Hip Hop artist recently released the latest single, Alright.
He told NewsHorn that the single had much personal meaning to him because in it he talks about his musical journey from when he was in Mbombela to when he arrived in Johannesburg, among other things.
“ It’s also basically a message of hope because like I say on the hook (chorus) that with the way life has turned out now, you do not know the fate of your life, but as long as God has given us another chance to breathe, we are alright, so we have to make the most out of it,” Motsa explained.
“On this song I worked with, Ngwana on it, who has been my producer for a
number of years since I got to Nelspruit. “I don’t really know how long it took Ngwana to come up with the beat but he had been working on in for some time. When we were in Johannesburg and I was scared to jump on it until one day it just hit me as I recorded the first verse and hook in one day. I just left it for him to refine it until I started on the second verse, then the rest took like a week and a few days just to make sure everything was sounding the way we wanted it,” he added.
When asked about the Hip Hop industry in Mpumalanga compared to eSwatini and in Gauteng he said: “Hip hop is really not in a good space compared to eSwatini and Gauteng. The music is very good, but the industry is not meeting hip hop artists halfway in terms of events and media. But then again it’s up to us hip hop artists to make it happen for ourselves to get to where we want to
be. We have to put in that extra effort, work hard and take advantage of social media as well, because in as much as we do not feel supported, we are also not doing enough to get the proper recognition we need,” he concluded.

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