Elders take to the roads in 10km Big Fun Walk

Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

SENIOR citizens from Bushbuckridge have proven that age is just a number by taking part in a 10km Big Fun Walk event that involved both the youth and elderly.

The walk that took place last week was organised by the Youth Development and Survival Organisation (YDSO) to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The founder of the organisation Remember Sambo said they realised that people from the rural areas hardly exercise or visit nearest primary healthcare centres for check-ups, they only go there when they are sick.

“So we came up with this initiative in which grannies were invited to join in the walk for 10 kilometres, and invited professionals to talk to community members about the danger of not exercising and wait until they are very sick before they can consult,” he said

Of the approximately 160 people participated 80% of the people were elders.

A nurse therapist at Madras clinic Marriam Maseko told the elders that exercising must be part of their routine which will help them to live long and avoid being sick.

“You do not need a fancy gym to exercise but you can take a walk around the house or form a group and go to the nearest soccer field and walk around maybe twice a week,” said Maseko.

And plead with the youth to always know their status, check for any diseases especially when they notice some changes from their bodies, and do a lot of exercising due to the kind of food they are eating.

“Knowing what you are suffering from early can prevent spreading of diseases to others and can also help individuals to get treatment on time, and exercising will also prevent them from a lot of chronic diseases and they always eat healthy food,” she said

Magret Mokoena (78) told Newshorn: “ I will always try to work out even when I am at home so that I can live a healthy life. My advice to the youth is that they must always watch what they are eating if they want to reach where I am today,” she said.

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