Eastern Cape’s meagre water resources to dangerous to drink

Drought in SA
For a short moment in time, SA rejoiced. The Boks brought the Mandela1995 magic home. But it is Monday and more towns are running out of water. Water supplied by Eastern Cape municipalities is too dangerous to drink. The only province where there is ample and clean water is the Western Cape, where not too long ago, the dams were dry.

The residents of eight towns in the barren and dried out Easter Cape had been warned not to drink the water supplied by the Joe Gqabi Municipality. Residents were urged to add bleach to their drinking water to make it safe.

Residents of Aliwal North, Mount Fletcher, Lady Grey, Ugie, Barkley East, Burgersdorp and Maclear were told by  municipal manager, Zolile Williams, that “we can no longer guarantee the quality of the drinking water supplied by the municipality.”

According to figures released by the Department of Water and Sanitation, the Eastern Province’s combined dam levels have dropped to 50.7 %, down from 64% last year. Several of the province’s biggest dams are empty. Nelson Mandela Bay’s biggest supply dam, the Kouga, is at 35%. The Buffalo City Metro implemented level two water restrictions from November 1 as its dams dropped to below 40% of capacity. Owners of private boreholes had been been requested to make water available as Aliwal North suffered a 24-hour complete water outage after the Orange River stopped flowing.

Water rationing has also been implemented in Burgersdorp, Mount Fletcher, Maclear and Ugie, with residents only receiving water every second day for seven hours. The small town of Rossouw has no water left and water is carted from Barkley East.

And in the place of load shedding is water shedding where everyone gets a turn at receiving water.

Source: DM (Rewritten for length and style)


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