Dwarsloop residents use dirty water

The community of Dwarsloop in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga is obliged to use dirty stinky water coming out of their taps.
With the assistance of Journalist for Human Right (JHR) the residents, said the problem has been ongoing for many months.
One of the major rules and regulations aimed at stopping the spread of the pandemic is to wash hands with soap and clean water.
Be that as it may for the residents of Dwarsloop things are different as they say they get water only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
They claim that sometimes the water comes back muddy, brownish and stinks like a metal.
One of the residents Thabiso Mdluli said most of the people were afraid to drink the water, while others boil the water before consuming it.
“Many people including myself we boil the water before using it, even though we are not sure if the water is safe after boiling it. Those who have money buy water and use that from their taps for laundry and others things. We need help this kind of life puts our lives in danger as we can contract waterborne diseases at any time.

“There were times in which the water came back having some small things which look like worms. This got all of us terrified but we continued using the water because we never had other options,” said Mdluli.

Another concerned resident is Olga Mhaule, who also shared the same sentiment with Mdluli.

“I am also aware that sometimes the water comes back muddy and has some living organisms inside. Even though is not always the case that the water comes back dirty but it always smells like metal, which is also scary because we don’t know what it does after consuming it.

“I think the municipality is failing us because there is no way they can claim that they don’t know about this situation as it has been ongoing for a long time. Drinking such water is very dangerous and unacceptable,” said Mhaule.

Mhaule said in the area there was no other source of water apart from the water that is collected from the taps.

This situation happened at the time in which South Africa faces a serious challenge of the coronavirus pandemic.
It is not the first time residents of the areas situated within the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality complained about water-related issues.

When questioned about the water-related problems, authorities mentioned illegal connections of water as one of the main things contributing to the problem.

When contacted for comment, Bushbuckridge local municipality spokesperson Claiton Khosa has denied that the water is dirty and stinky.

“As a municipality, we have not received any formal complaint concerning the issue. There is no cause for bad or poor water quality, however, should the community experienced such must contact us immediately,” said Khosa.

Khosa said if Dwarsloop had poor water quality the other neighbouring areas would have also been affected.

The United Nation resolution 64/292(2010) recognises, “ the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as human rights that are essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights.”

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