Drive responsibly during road construction

Trans African Concessions (TRAC) urges N4 Toll Route users to drive responsibly when in or near construction zones, to ensure their and road workers’ safety. Major upgrades, routine maintenance and road rehabilitation are regularly undertaken as the roads take a heavy beating from trucks.

Despite all necessary precautions, these zones are hazardous. Speeding, impatient drivers and traffic congestion  create major risks for road users and workers. With cones, barriers and signage, warnings abound.

“As the safety of our road users and contractors is a priority for us, we encourage road users to be responsible at all road construction sites by practicing the following road safety principles”, says communication manager, Solange Soares:


  • Obey speed restrictions.
  • Stay alert.
  • Don’t overtake.
  • Keep acceptable following distances (remember the seven-second braking distance rule).
  • Be patient.
  • Be sensible. Don’t try and squeeze into gaps between other vehicles and stay on the demarcated section of the road.
  • Expect the unexpected. Lanes may be reduced or deviated, and construction vehicles and workers may be working on or near the road, so be prepared.
  • Expect and plan for delays.


Any problems at construction areas along the N4 Toll Route should be reported to TRAC’s 24-hour Helpdesk on 0800 87 22 64/082 881 4444 (RSA) or +258 84 34 34 34 6 (Moz) or send an email to