D-day for mining decision – Lower Zambesi National Park

Today, October 14, judgment in the Lusaka High Court will decide the fate of the Lower Zambezi National Park and that of the wildlife, as well as many of the communities whose livelihoods depend on it.

On the Zimbabwean side is the Mana Pools National Park – a Unesco World Heritage Site. Caught between Kariba Dam  and Cahora Bassa and close to the Zambesi river is a piece land that could destroy the beauty surrounding it.

The proposed Kangaluwi open-cast mine five year court battle would come to a head today. This large scale Bermudan-registered had been opposed by many a NGO and various tourism and conservation stakeholders. However, politics could override all this for the sake of money.

Maybe one day when all the beauty had been destroyed, men would learn that one cannot eat money. (Loosely translated from an old Indian proverb.)

Original author: Sharon Gilbert-Rivett for Daily Maverick

Rewritten for style, length and SE optimisation by A Rose-Innes.)


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