Cyclone Eloise to bring heavy rain and winds to parts of SA

Image of tropical storm Eloise heading for Mozambique

Tropical storm, Eloise, made landfall in Mozambique on the border of Mpumalanga in South Africa. The weather service had warned that it could bring heavy downpours and high velocity winds to the Lowveld and Highveld of Mpumalanga, closest to the border. It is expected that the storm would turn into a cyclone.

According to SA Weather, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal would also be impacted and storm alerts for these areas had been posted.

Professor of climatology at the Global Change Institute, Francois Engelbrecht, on Thursday said that this could result in widespread flooding in parts of South Africa. “By Friday, the current prediction is that it will reach tropical cyclone status and that is, of course, the most intense type of tropical storm we get and the most likely trajectory of the storm right now is that it will be following a southwesterly track over the Mozambique channel.”

Mozambique  last year suffered severe devastation from two separate hurricanes and would bear the brunt of the cyclone as well. According to reports it made landfall across SA’s border last night.

Across the globe, extreme weather conditions are increasing with tropical storm Pabuk hitting the island and forcing visitors to flee. Four months ago, hurricane Sally hit the US South Coast drenching the area. The USA and large parts of Europe are also deluged with snow, hampering COVID-19 efforts.


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